Cochlear implants Sydney

Northside Audiology’s Implant program consists of a team of professionals who will work with you and your family to achieve the best possible outcome, whether that be for superior hearing or Tinnitus suppression.  We provide a complete implant service supporting each patient through the process of assessment, surgery, rehabilitation and long term ongoing care – including liaising with Health funds for funding and external component upgrades every 3-5 years. When hearing aids are not enough, there are a variety of implantable hearing solutions to address a diverse range of complex hearing problems.

These solutions include cochlear implants (Bionic ear) electro-acoustic implant systems (Hybrid Cochlear Implant) bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and middle-ear implants (Vibrant Soundbridge). At Northside Audiology we offer choice, using leading implant manufacturers such as Cochlear, Med-El, Advanced Bionics and Oticon Medical. These devices offer water resistance, MRI compatibility, Bluetooth and wireless technologies. We look forward to working with you and your loved ones as you make the journey toward a world of sound.

Cochlear Implants Sydney (bionic ear): How it works

The Cochlear implant, or bionic ear, has been the treatment of choice for more than 20 years now, in cases where hearing aids are not providing enough amplification or clarity of sound.

The Cochlear device’s sound receiver/processor receives sounds and converts them into electrical signals. The sound receiver/processor looks like a hearing aid, sitting behind the ear. This device communicates through the skin to the Cochlear implant, which is surgically inserted into the cochlea, or inner ear. Electrical impulses, which have been coded from natural sound, are transferred through the skin to the implant, which stimulates the cochlea directly and recreates the experience of hearing for the deaf patient.

Once inserted and working, the Cochlear implant, in most cases, restores hearing to the appropriately selected patient for life. We will assess and work with you to ensure the best solution from our leading brands; Med-El, Cochlear, Advanced Bionics and Oticon Medical.