E.J.N.’s Hearing Aid Story

E.J.N. first saw Northside Audiology in 1991, frustrated with having to ask people to repeat themselves and being unable to exclude crowd noise from conversations.  After undergoing a hearing assessment, it was determined that E.J.N. could benefit from hearing aids.

Since 1991, E.J.N. has noticed a significant improvement in hearing aid technology.  Still, he says, “extraneous noise is difficult to exclude” but that “slow deterioration is impossible to avoid.”  In this respect, E.J.N. is very satisfied with the ongoing support provided by Northside Audiology in order to continuously adjust for deterioration, changing needs and technology improvements.

  • John's Story

    John's Story

    John has been fitted with a hearing aid which he describes as “brilliant.”

  • A.D.’s story

    A.D.’s story

    “A.D. received hearing aids and noticed an improvement. She is now preparing to upgrade to new hearing aids.”

  • Annette’s story

    Annette’s story

    “I can participate in everything now and even understand accents on TV.”

  • E.J.N.’s story

    E.J.N.’s story

    “Northside Audiology continuously adjust for deterioration, changing needs and technology improvements.”

  • Hon’s story

    Hon’s story

    “Following a very helpful hearing assessment, Hon was fitted with hearing aids and hasn’t looked back.”