John’s Hearing Aid Story

John first realised he was experiencing hearing loss around 2005, but lived with the challenges for four years.  A chef in a noisy kitchen, John experienced difficulties both at work and in social situations, finding it “difficult to hear in a restaurant around the table.”  Finally, in 2009, John realised he needed to take action to manage his hearing challenges.

John underwent a hearing assessment; and was subsequently fitted with a hearing aid which he describes as “brilliant.”

With six years between receiving his first and second hearing aids, John has noticed a big difference in the technology.  “The first aid I received six years ago was life-changing.  The one that I have just received is light years ahead of that, technologically.”

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is John’s “pleasant and informative” experience at Northside Audiology.  “For six years now it has been a comfort to know that the backup from [Northside] staff was just a phone call away.”

  • John's Story

    John's Story

    John has been fitted with a hearing aid which he describes as “brilliant.”

  • A.D.’s story

    A.D.’s story

    “A.D. received hearing aids and noticed an improvement. She is now preparing to upgrade to new hearing aids.”

  • Annette’s story

    Annette’s story

    “I can participate in everything now and even understand accents on TV.”

  • E.J.N.’s story

    E.J.N.’s story

    “Northside Audiology continuously adjust for deterioration, changing needs and technology improvements.”

  • Hon’s story

    Hon’s story

    “Following a very helpful hearing assessment, Hon was fitted with hearing aids and hasn’t looked back.”