Professor Peter Baume

Hear Professor Peter Baume’s story:

I was a physician by training. I spent a lot of time in parliament as a Cabinet Minister. I was a Professor at University of New South Wales, I was head of a school there and I was chancellor of the Australian National University. I suddenly became aware, I couldn’t hear people on the other side of the council chamber. That’s when I knew my hearing was defective.

I had to resign straight away as Chancellor. Not because I couldn’t do the work, but because I couldn’t hear, see as a doctor, I was able to speak to people who’d been patients and it was quite clear of some of them were happy, some of them weren’t. So I wanted a better quality product. And that’s what I got. I spoke to an ENT surgeon who looks after me and he was the one who referred me to this practice.

  • John's Story

    John's Story

    John has been fitted with a hearing aid which he describes as “brilliant.”

  • A.D.’s story

    A.D.’s story

    “A.D. received hearing aids and noticed an improvement. She is now preparing to upgrade to new hearing aids.”

  • Annette’s story

    Annette’s story

    “I can participate in everything now and even understand accents on TV.”

  • E.J.N.’s story

    E.J.N.’s story

    “Northside Audiology continuously adjust for deterioration, changing needs and technology improvements.”

  • Hon’s story

    Hon’s story

    “Following a very helpful hearing assessment, Hon was fitted with hearing aids and hasn’t looked back.”