A.D.’s Hearing Aid Story

A.D. first realised she was suffering hearing loss in 2005.  From that point, her hearing continued to deteriorate to the degree where she was restricted socially, due to an accompanying eyesight impairment.  A.D. relied on her daughter’s assistance until she underwent a hearing assessment to see what her treatment options could be.

A.D. received hearing aids and noticed an improvement in her hearing; and describes the ongoing support provided by staff at Northside Audiology as “first class service.”  A.D. hasn’t looked back and is now preparing to upgrade to new hearing aids.

  • John's Story

    John's Story

    John has been fitted with a hearing aid which he describes as “brilliant.”

  • A.D.’s story

    A.D.’s story

    “A.D. received hearing aids and noticed an improvement. She is now preparing to upgrade to new hearing aids.”

  • Annette’s story

    Annette’s story

    “I can participate in everything now and even understand accents on TV.”

  • E.J.N.’s story

    E.J.N.’s story

    “Northside Audiology continuously adjust for deterioration, changing needs and technology improvements.”

  • Hon’s story

    Hon’s story

    “Following a very helpful hearing assessment, Hon was fitted with hearing aids and hasn’t looked back.”