Hearing Aid Overview

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Remove hearing barriers

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Holistic sound and depth

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Flexible to your lifestyle

Hearing aids are used to rehabilitate hearing loss and to make speech more intelligible. They vary in style and technical sophistication to suit the type or degree of hearing loss in addition to the lifestyle and needs of the wearer.

In many instances hearing aids may be used to alleviate or control distressing head noise (tinnitus). Hearing aid amplification may effectively mask out (keep the wearer from hearing) the tinnitus.

Personalised service

Northside Audiology is a ‘one stop shop’ for hearing impairment and auditory processing. Those requiring hearing aids in Sydney, regardless of age, can visit our clinic and receive a full assessment and treatment by one of our professionals.

Our motto is “Simply Better Hearing”. We are committed to ensuring the best hearing outcomes for each of our clients. The day our clients walk out with new hearing aids, is just the start of their journey to improved communication. Our on-going care has built us a reputation of excellence within our growing referral and client base. Doctors trust us with their patients and continually pass on feedback from their happy hearing aid users.

Brand variety and technology

Northside Audiology offers all quality brands of hearing aids, including Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Widex, Siemens, Bernafon and GN Resound.  The brands we supply are all wireless and can be controlled via your smartphone.  Depending on the brand selected, connectivity services are also available across a range of Bluetooth enabled devices.

We also offer a six-week trial period, after which time patients can have their device adjusted; or, if unhappy with the hearing aid, can obtain a full refund for the device (minus the fitting fee).

How do I know which hearing aid is right for me?

The team at Northside Audiology will assist you in selecting the correct product, based on your test results and your own personal needs and preferences.  We will also support you with the adjustment and customisation of your hearing aid, along with technical support.  Every individual is different and, as such, no two hearing aid solutions or fittings are the same.

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How do I order a hearing aid?

Following your assessment and consultation, the team at Northside Audiology will fit the appropriate hearing aid for you if applicable.  Accessories and consumables can easily be ordered online or via phone: Chatswood Clinic – 02 9419 6999 or Bella Vista Clinic – 02 8889 1330.

Still have questions about hearing aids?  Contact us or see our FAQ section.