Overcoming a loss of hearing

Overcoming a loss of hearing is possible… With the right treatment and of course a little help from your family and friends.

Suffering from loss of hearing can have a significant impact on your work and social life.  When the hearing loss is mild and not significant enough to require surgery or hearing aids, sometimes all that is required is a little bit of help from your friends and family in understanding your hearing loss and learning how they should best communicate with you. Download this leaflet for some helpful tips on how to speak to someone with hearing loss.

Regardless of the cause, loss of hearing or hearing impairment can be an isolating problem and people are usually unaware that help is easily available. A call to Northside Audiology can help you quickly discover the difference a hearing aid can make to your quality of life.  Hearing aids are, quite simply, electronic sound amplification devices that help people with hearing loss to hear clearly again.

At Northside Audiology, we offer a wide range of the latest automatic digital hearing aids; and since we are not affiliated with any one brand, we are able to prescribe, fit and repair a wide range of hearing aids including, but not limited to, Oticon, Siemens, Phonak, GN Resound and Unitron. All of our hearing aids come with the peace of mind of a no-obligation six-week trial period.

Many satisfied clients have been fitted with hearing aids at Northside Audiology. Our staff have the experience and expertise to ensure you receive the best advice and care. Our hearing clinic is also accredited by the Australian Government’s Office of Hearing Services to supply hearing care for pensioners and veterans using the government voucher scheme.

Despite the wide range and effectiveness of hearing aids, in many cases they are simply not enough. Click here to read about further treatment options.