New Types of Cochlear Implants

The Hybrid™ Cochlear Implant – Half hearing aid, half bionic ear

When your hearing is reasonable in the lower tones but poor in the higher tones, you may be a candidate for the Hybrid™ Cochlear implant.

This is a hearing device that is half hearing aid (to help with low frequency hearing) and half Cochlear implant (to help with high frequency hearing loss).

Your Northside Audiology implant audiologist will determine which type of hearing aid implant is best for your hearing loss. Like a full Cochlear implant, the cost of the Hybrid™ Cochlear implant is fully covered by your private health fund. You can see some results in the video below.

Middle Ear Implants – The Vibrant Soundbridge

The Vibrant Soundbridge is a hearing assistive device designed for people who have nerve deafness of a moderate to severe extent and are not gaining benefit from conventional hearing aids.

The Vibrant Soundbridge device (see below video) can also be used in patients with mixed (partial conductive, partial nerve) deafness, when hearing aids are not very useful.