Protecting your hearing

Continuous exposure to high-level noise is a common cause of hearing loss and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). This exposure, either at work (machinery noise, roadwork, construction) or during recreation (iPods, bands, music, shooting), can cause permanent damage to the small hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea).

Usually, the louder the sounds (greater than 85 dB), the more damage is caused over a shorter period of time. When your work or play exposes you continuously to such loud sound, hearing protection is essential in order to prevent damage and potential hearing loss.

Ear Plugs

We offer a number of different types of custom ear plugs to help protect you from hearing loss. Custom ear plugs are made by taking an impression of your ear, so they provide a near perfect fit; therefore, they are very comfortable to wear whilst providing optimum water or sound protection.

Custom Moulded Swim Plugs

Custom moulded swim plugs are used by people who need to keep water out of their ears such as children with grommets, anyone with a perforation in their eardrum or someone who is prone to ear infections after swimming. We also offer water protection swimming bands as added protection for children with grommets.

Noise Reduction

Use these custom ear plugs to protect your hearing from the damage that can be caused by industrial noise; or simply to find some peace and quiet in your noisy world.

Specialist Musician Ear Plugs

If you are exposed to loud music on a regular basis, musician ear plugs can help protect you from permanent damage to your hearing. Unlike ordinary ear plugs which distort the sound that you hear, musician ear plugs filter sound so that all frequencies are heard equally. These specialist ear plugs turn down the volume without compromising the sound.