Kerrie’s Cochlear Implant Story

Kerrie’s hearing deterioration began more than 15 years ago, which was relieved at the time to some extent by a small hearing aid.  Eventually, more powerful hearing aids were required, but the deterioration continued.  Kerrie was unable to use the telephone; and experienced a loss of confidence because she was unable to understand conversations.  An unwillingness to socialise followed, affecting Kerrie’s friendships and emotional wellbeing.

An alternate solution was required.

Eventually, around 13 years after her hearing loss began, Kerrie decided that a Cochlear implant was the solution for her; she received a left implant and then a right implant 18 months later.

Kerrie describes having her device switched on as “exhilarating, scary, surprising and funny”, saying people’s voices “sounded like Donald Duck initially.”  Now, Kerrie can hear and understand nearly everything. “I can use the phone again. It has given me more confidence to socialise again. I can hear birds singing.”

After-sales support from Northside Audiology is also an area in which Kerrie is very happy.  “All questions are answered easily. I am never kept waiting.”  Her Cochlear implants “are slowly being turned up” during her follow-up appointments.

  • Matthew


    “With Northside’s help and the gradual increase in programming, it became better and finally leading to normality.”

  • Jeanette


    “It was pretty amazing – actually being able to hear things I hadn’t heard in a long time. A lot better than I thought.”

  • Hazel


    “I suddenly heard high pitched sounds… [then] driving home, I heard my right turn indicator for the first time in 20 years.”

  • Paul


    “They have been great… It has changed and am now hearing the common sentence without lip reading.”

  • Kerrie


    “I can use the phone again. It has given me more confidence to socialise again. I can hear birds singing.”

  • Norma


    “There is no doubt about the level of hearing and comfort from the very first, and it only improves.”

  • Joanne


    “If i have a conversation with someone sitting on my left, I can hear them. It took a lot of getting used to, but it was all worth it.”

  • H.E.


    “I would recommend a Cochlear Implant to anyone who is hearing impaired, and who is found to be potentially able to benefit.”